Torontonian buying in Georgian Bay? You’d better read this!


City Living vs. Country Living

The decision has been made… are moving from the big city to a slower, more relaxed pace in the Georgian Bay area.  Whether it’s a summer home or your permanent residence, there are important things you MUST keep in mind before making your purchase and why getting that home inspection is crucial.  Big cities (aka concrete jungles) are full of high rises and condo living, while rural living is full of nature and wildlife.  There are many things you may not be aware of that can take a toll on a house or cottage and what responsibilities you have as a homeowner for a rural property.  A home inspection before you make this major investment is imperative so you can grasp the full concept of all the possible and potential problems that houses and cottages frequently endure in rural or lakefront areas.  Life in the country is very different than the city.

What are the different items that will be evaluated during a home inspection for your rural property?

There are always standard items that will be done with every home inspection: structure, roof, plumbing, and electrical.  The two major components you want to see on the inspection for your potential rural home are the following;

  • Well Water Quality. Often when you move to a rural location you are no longer going to be using the city’s water supply and will be on your own well water.  You will need to make sure that not only is the quality of the well water drinkable (meaning all the mineral, lead and radon levels are within the guidelines), but you also want to make sure the well itself is in good condition.  Another consideration to keep in mind when it comes to the well is to find out how many gallons per minute the well provides and if the well is drying up.
  • Septic Systems. Country living means you are no longer on the city’s sewer system and you will now have a septic system.  You will want to know the condition of the septic system on your new potential property.  Along with the condition, you want to know what kind of absorption your drainage field has to ensure you don’t end up with sewage backup pools or if you have a system that requires you have it emptied and how often that needs to be done.

Yes, the market is booming and you may find yourself in a bidding war to get that dream home but BEWARE…… by-passing that home inspection could make your dream turn into a nightmare.

Bryson Bumstead is a certified Master Inspector and a Licensed Plumber with over 30 years of experience in the construction field. BDB Home Inspections provides professional assessments in the Southern Georgian Bay area.