Should I ditch the home inspection?

Should I ditch the home inspection?

You found the one. It’s in the right neighbourhood, close to work and good schools. It has the perfect floorplan, a fenced yard, and a view to die for. You’re not the only one who thinks so. There are numerous offers on “your” house!

If there are multiple offers on a home the seller may favour ones with the fewest conditions. Maybe you should drop the home inspection clause? After all, as you walked through the house you didn’t see anything worrisome.

  • Faulty wiring could lead to a devastating fire
  • Foundation flaws might add up to $1000’s in repairs
  • Defective heating may cause carbon monoxide leaks
  • Roof leakage encourages the growth of mold and mildew
A simple walk-through with an untrained eye isn’t going to give you the information you need to enter into an agreement to purchase a house.

Your home is likely your biggest investment. You’re building a life, raising your children or entering retirement. All of these come with their own challenges. Being burdened with unexpected repairs, bills and mess doesn’t help. If you’re worried about the seller rejecting your offer due to the inspection condition, you can request to have it done before the offer date. This also let’s the seller know you’re serious.

What can you expect in the report?

– Structural Elements

– Exterior Evaluation

– Roof and Attic

– Plumbing

– Systems and Components

– Electrical

– Appliances

– Garage

You can find detailed information about these evaluations on the BDB Home Inspections website:

Additional Services

  • Well Water Quality
  • Asbestos Sampling
  • Wood Destroying Organisms
  • Mould Sampling

Coming Soon

  • Radon in Air Inspection
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lead / Radon-in-Well Water
  • Mould Sampling

When you schedule a home inspection, it’s important to attend the appointment with him/her. The process will take between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the size, age and condition of the house. The inspector will take pictures of items of concern and write notes. When the inspection is complete, you’ll be presented with a computer-generated report, complete with images, usually the same day.

If the seller has already arranged for an inspection report to present to potential buyers, contact the inspector. Many inspectors will come out to the house again to do a walk-through with you to outline the key areas of concern in the findings, and for a fee less than the initial report. This is a great way to get first hand knowledge of any issues and ask important questions.

The internet is full of horror stories from people who decided against a proper inspection before finalizing their offer.  Learn from their mistakes, don’t ditch the home inspection.

Bryson Bumstead is a certified Master Inspector and a Licensed Plumber with over 30 years of experience in the construction field. BDB Home Inspections provides professional assessments in the Southern Georgian Bay area.