Keep Critters Out This Winter

Keep Critters Out This Winter

As summer is coming to an end, we all know what’s just around the corner – old man winter!!!  With cold weather on its way, it means that the local wildlife will be looking to find a nice warm, comfy home. Don’t let it be yours.

We’ve put together a handy checklist to ensure your home doesn’t end up as a safe haven for intrusive house guests.

 Winter Checklist 

  • Perimeter Control: Walk around the perimeter searching for any holes or openings. Be sure to look not only at the foundation but around all windows and doors.  If you find even the smallest crack or hole, seal it up with caulking.
  • Chimney Check: Keep in mind that even a larger animal, like a racoon, can fit into an opening only three to four inches in diameter.  Get yourself some metal mesh to cover the top of the chimney and make sure any holes are sealed.
  • Roof Inspection: Look for any missing shingles exposing the wood which may contain holes. Small repairs can be easily fixed by replacing the wood and shingles and prevent bigger issues from arising.
  • Trim Trees: Branches that are close to your roof and property give quick access to climbing animals. Keep them trimmed back.
  • Install Gutter Guards: Head down to your local hardware store and purchase some gutter guards. They’re easy to install and will be one more obstacle that all animals will have to overcome if they are trying to gain entry to your home.
  • Remove Food Sources: Secure your garbage cans. Garbage and rotting food will attract unwanted animals.  Purchase a durable garbage can with a lid that can’t be opened easily by our furry friends, or use bungee cords to secure the lid to your existing garbage can.

If you suspect you may already have mice, rats, racoons or even squirrels in your house before you do any repairs to prevent them access you must make sure all animals are evacuated from the premises.    Whether you try and trap them yourself or hire a professional, you MUST establish that every unwanted four-legged friend is gone.

Taking a little time now while the weather is still nice can give you the upper hand to keeping those critters out.  When it’s snowing and blowing, conditions can become difficult or even too dangerous to make outdoor repairs.

Bryson Bumstead is a certified Master Inspector and a Licensed Plumber with over 30 years of experience in the construction field. BDB Home Inspections provides professional assessments in the Southern Georgian Bay area.