Home Inspection FAQ

Answers to your questions related to home inspection process or building inspections

What is a home inspection?
A home inspection is an evaluation of the systems and components inside and outside a home from foundation to roof top. Home inspectors further conduct a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the home and report on functionality, wear and tear, safety and maintenance.

What are the benefits of a home inspection?
The benefit of a home inspection for a buyer or seller is the opportunity they will have to familiarize themselves with the condition of the home; shut off valves, pump switches, heating and cooling f ilters, and breaker panels are all information that will be found in a comprehensive home inspection. Please refer to the benefits of a home inspection on our website

Is there a difference between a home buyer’s and a home seller’s inspection?
No. The home inspector will conduct the same inspection regardless of whether you are a home buyer or seller. It is the home inspector’s responsibility to report on the home’s condition no matter who has requested the inspection.

What is the difference between a home inspector and a property or home appraiser?
A home inspection involves an evaluation of the condition of the home’s heating, central air conditioning, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, attic, floors, foundation and structure at the time of the inspection. An appraisal is the formal process of estimating a property’s value as it relates to a mortgage loan or mortgage insurance. An appraisal does not itemize defects or reflect potential problems in the home.

How to find a home inspector?
B.D.B. Home Inspections makes it easy to find a local home inspector in your area. Simply use the handy Contact Us form or give us a call. We’ll be happy to help.

What are the factors to consider while choosing an inspector?
The factors that you should consider when choosing an inspector are:

o They are certified to perform quality home, property and building inspections
o They have experience in performing inspections
o They are licensed (mandatory in some Provinces)
o They carry Liability Insurance
o They have professional training and participate in ongoing training
o The company or the Inspector is well known
o They provide thorough and detailed reporting at the time of the inspection
o They are welcoming, professional and courteous

How do I know my home inspector is qualified?
Our inspectors are certified through our rigorous initial training and testing process. We’re also fully licensed in Ontario and carry E & O insurance. These license requirements often include additional training and testing as well as yearly continuing education to stay at the top of the industry. Also, We’re members of National inspection associations with similar requirements. You can rest assured that we are fully qualified and prepared to offer you an inspection that is second to none.

How is B.D.B. Home Inspections different from other home inspection companies?
Our goal is to provide you with the best service, and be the most professional with the finest inspection report in the industry. With a B.D.B. Home Inspections, you’ll get a clear, unbiased evaluation of a home or building’s condition quickly and easily. Our professional, certified and fully insured inspectors will answer any questions you may have, and help you build a foundation of knowledge about your home and its systems. Every inspection will review over 1,600 different items in a home and report to you on the same day with photos and a comprehensive report.

How can I schedule a home inspection?
For a professional home, property, or building inspection, you can schedule your inspection by emailing Bryson@bdbhomeinspections.com or calling 705-528-3149.

When should I call to schedule an inspection?
You should call an inspector once you have determined that you wish to either purchase or sell a home. We make it easy for you to book an inspection.

What is included in a home inspection, what items are inspected?
A thorough home inspection includes a visual inspection of the home from the roof to the foundation. It also includes the inspection of all major functional components and operating systems of the home. A detailed list of items can be found on our Home Inspection Checklist and any additional services can be found on our Additional Inspection Services.

How long does a typical home inspection take?
A typical home inspection takes 2-3 hours depending on the size and layout of the home, building or property. During this time, we thoroughly inspect your home, provide you with a detailed home inspection report and answer any questions you may have.

Do you get on the roof?
This depends on the particular house, weather conditions and other indicators. A roof inspection begins from the ground with a look at the overall condition of the roof. The next step is an inspection of the shingle condition up close on a ladder from the roof edge, through dormer windows and, yes, by walking on the roof. The decision to walk on the roof is made by each set of circumstances. We take into account the roof pitch, shingle condition, weather conditions and more. Another important part of a roof inspection is done from the attic. From here, leaks are often visible as is the overall condition of the structure and roof sheathing. The condition of the roof is determined by all available information.

How much does it cost for a typical home inspection?
The cost of a professional home inspection is based on the size and age of the home, property, or building and sometimes its location. We suggest you call us to request an inspection and ask for a quote based on the information about your home.

How do I prepare for a home inspection?
The buyer should attend the inspection so that they can get familiar with the layout and condition of the home and its components. Prior to attending the home inspection, the buyer should have a list of questions ready to ask. A seller should prepare the home as much as possible for a thorough home inspection. The seller can follow the Checklist to help them get prepared.

Will you tell me if the house passes or fails the property inspection?
A home inspection is not the same as a code inspection. Those code inspections either pass or fail. The purpose of a private home inspection is to “educate the client on the condition of the home.” When the building inspection process is complete, the client should have a clear understanding of the home, its components and their condition. With this understanding, prudent decisions can be made by the client concerning repairs, replacement and maintenance.

Is your home inspection guaranteed?
Sometimes this question gets confused with “do you guaranty the house?” In other words, “when you are through with the inspection, do you guaranty the roof will not leak or that the air conditioner will work for a specific period of time?” The answer to that question is “no.” That kind of guaranty is called a whole house warranty, and it can be purchased through a home warranty company. Our guaranty is that we provide our clients with a professional inspection and report that meets or exceeds the applicable standards in all cases.

What if a home inspection reveals problems?
If the home inspector discovers problems, it doesn’t mean you should or shouldn’t buy the house, only that you will know in advance what to expect. This information is used to inform you of possible future repairs whether it be major or minor.

For items that require repair or replacement, will the inspector tell me the costs of each?
Cost estimates from home inspection professionals who are not in the business of making repairs or replacements themselves can be only that, estimates. Because there are thousands of components in a home it is difficult to provide highly specific cost estimates. For more detailed estimates or even quoted prices, the client should call licensed and qualified contractors.

Will the inspector tell me which repairs the seller should take care of and which ones I should repair myself?
The home inspector’s goal is for you to have a complete understanding of your home, property or building, including the magnitude of any repair items that may need attention. Without knowledge of the sales price, value of the home or other issues surrounding the purchase, however, the decisions about who should make repairs are best left to the client with the advice of their real estate professional or attorney.

Does B.D.B. Home Inspections make the actual repairs on their report findings?
Absolutely not. We will not offer to make repairs on items noted in the report. Although some inspection companies may perform these services, we believe this diminishes the objectivity of the inspector and transforms the inspection process into a sales process. If we record an issue in your home inspection report, it is because that is information the client needs to be aware of and for no other reason. We can, at the request of the client provide construction, repair contractors that we have had good experiences with in the past. It should be clearly understood we do not warranty, or approve any work done by any recommended contractors.

Will the inspector forward the report to other agents and clients involved in the home sale?
When we perform an inspection for you, our business relationship is with you only. Without your permission, we will not produce a report for, or discuss a report with any other party. However, if you wish, we will happily produce or discuss the report with any party of your choice.

Can you email me the home inspection report?
Of course. The report can be emailed to the addresses you provide, and will include the full report, the summary, pictures of many repair items and detailed information sheets concerning systems in your home. We also provide a printed copy of the report to you in a three ring binder.

Does B.D.B. Home Inspections offer additional services such as Radon Testing and Water Testing?
Yes. These may include, Radon Monitoring, Water Testing, Septic Testing, Pest Evaluations, Dry Rot Evaluations, Mould Testing both Surface and Airborne, Floor Elevation Surveys, Environmental Data Reports, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Monitoring and more. Ask us for the services available in your area.

Are radon inspections and indoor air quality inspections part of home inspection services?
While radon inspections and indoor air quality inspections are services are available, these inspections are in addition to the standard home inspection. We offer these tests at the same time as your home inspection or after you move in. We suggest you contact us and let us know that you would like a radon and/or indoor air quality evaluation at the time of your home inspection.